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FitR ChBE GSA Seminar Series 2014-2015

This year’s ChBE GSA Seminar series looked to help answer the question on every graduate student’s mind: “what should I do when I graduate”? This three-part seminar series hashed out the differences between working in industry, academia, and even start ups.

FitR Part I: The Industry Track

Changsheng (Charles) Xiang, a Chemistry alumnus from the Tour group, discussed his first year working for Schlumberger and what his recent transition from industry to academia had been like.

FitR Part II: The Academia Track

This discussion featured a Post-Doc Panel composed of Dr. Christopher DeSaintis (Chemistry, Halas lab) and Dr. Laurent Maillaud (ChBE, Pasquali lab)

FitR Part III: Entrepreneurship

“Erlich, who graduated from Rice in 2000 with B.S. degrees in computer science (CS) and electrical and computer engineering (ECE), returned to campus April 23 to give a talk on entrepreneurship.”     http://engineering.rice.edu/yandaerlich/

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