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Officers – ChBE GSA 2018-2019

President: Oliver Dewey

Oliver leads ChBE GSA executive committee meetings and attends both graduate committee and faculty meetings. As president, he acts as a liaison between the department and graduate students.

Contact: osd1@rice.edu

Vice president: Quan Nguyen

As vice president, Quan leads general and executive meetings together with Oliver and facilitates our officer board ellection. Quan also is our official griller in the ChBE GSA BBQs!

Contact: qan1@rice.edu

Secretary: Ivan Rosa de Siqueira

Ivan is responsible for taking notes about the topics discussed in all ChBE GSA meetings and send them to our current officers. Also, he tries to keep our website and social media up to date.

Contact: ir16@rice.edu

Treasurers: Manav Bhati and Aldo Spatafora Salazar

Our treasurers prepare a yearly budget, manage funds, and raise funds through grants.

Contact: mb90@rice.edu (Manav) and ass10@rice.edu (Aldo)

Social chairs: Arthur Sloan and Mitchell Trafford

The social chairs are behind of all our social events, such as BBQs and happy hours!

Contact: aws8@rice.edu (Arthur) and mt22@rice.edu (Mitchell)

Recruitment chairs: Cedric Ginestra and Dana Lobmeyer

Cedric and Dana assist the department in planning and carrying out our department’s recruitment weekend. This includes planning events on Campus and in Houston, recruiting fellow students as volunteers and organizing travel logistics for the prospective students.

Contact: cjg6@rice.edu (Cedric) and dml7@rice.edu (Dana)

Recitation chair: Chelsea Clark

Chelsea organizes informational sessions to help first- and second-year students with their qualifying exam and thesis proposal.

Contact: cac19@rice.edu

Mentorship chair: Chia-Ping (Andy) Tseng

Andy manages the pairing of mentor groups and organizes mentor/mentee activities, which include an ice cream event on the orientation week and coffee/lunch meet-ups during the academic year.

Contact: ct43@rice.edu

GSA representative: Chris Coonrod

Chris informs our executive committee of all relevant events organized by Rice GSA. He is also reponsible for our e-mail list-serve.

Contact: clc10@rice.edu

Publicity chair: Seung Hwan (Allen) Lee

Allen handles with the publicity for our events, designing and distributing flyers and e-mail notifications about the events organized by the ChBE GSA.

Contact: sl106@rice.edu

Outreach chair: Tanya Rogers

Tanya deals with external industrial and academic institutions and works together with Career Services, bringing programs of interest to the attention of the membership.

Contact: tr13@rice.edu


1st-year representative: Winnie Shi

Winnie represents the 1st-year class in ChBE GSA, bringing questions and suggestions from our deparment’s most recent group of graduate students.

Contact: whs@rice.edu

Faculty advisor: Dr. Walter Chapman, William W. Akers Professor

Dr. Chapman represents the faculty members in ChBE GSA, providing advice and guidance to our student organization.


Contact: wgchap@rice.edu