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  • President (1)
    • Leads Executive Committee Meetings
    • Attends Graduate Committee and Faculty Meetings
    • Acts as a liaison between the faculty and the students
    • Leads General Meetings in the Vice President’s absence


Yash Khemka, yashkhemka@rice.edu


  • Vice President (1)
    • Leads General Meetings
    • Acts as the contact person for the CHBE-GSA
    • Leads Executive Meetings in the President’s absence

Annie Crumbley, anna.m.crumbley@rice.edu


  • Secretary (1)
    • Maintains the CHBE-GSA website and social media venues
    • Updates mailing lists
    • Sends a typed copy of all Executive Committee meeting minutes to all Executive Committee members

Shun Xi, shun.xi@rice.edu


  • Treasurers (2)
    • Composes a Yearly Budget
    • Manages funds
    • Raises funds

Quan Nguyen, Quan.A.Nguyen@rice.edu


Shayan Enayat, shayan@rice.edu



  • Social Chairs (2)
    • Coordinates (researches, organizes, and executes) social events
    • Attends all social events


Oliver Dewey, oliver.s.dewey@rice.edu



Chelsea Clark, chelsea.a.clark@rice.edu


  • Outreach Chairs (1)
    • Acts as a liaison between the CHBE-GSA and external industrial/academic  institutions
    • Manages industrial and academic contacts via the Contact Database
    • Acts as a liaison with Career Services, bringing programs of interest to the attention of the membership
    • Attends Alumni Committee meetings


Steve Loar, sfl2@rice.edu


  • Recruitment Chair (2)
    • Assists the department with organizing and executing Recruitment Weekend

Sunny Niu, Sunny.Niu@rice.edu


Jordan Shivers, shivers@rice.edu


  • Recitation Chair (1)
    • Organizes informational sessions for thesis proposal and qualifying exams
    • Schedules mock qualifier presentations, as needed

Mitchell Trafford, mtrafford@rice.edu


  • Mentorship Chair (1)
    • Pairing mentor groups and mentor activities •
    • Organizing Mentor/Mentee activities (offer ice creams and make you guys happy)


Eric Vavra, eric.d.vavra@rice.edu


  • GSA Representative (1)
    • Attends general GSA meetings
    • Informs the Executive Committee of all relevant GSA events of interest to the CHBE GSA
    • Forwards relevant e-mails to the ChBE list-serve

Arthur Sloan,  Arthur.W.Sloan@rice.edu


  • Publicity Chair (1)
    • Handles publicity for all CHBE GSA events
    • Designs and distributes event flyers and email notifications

Yiwei Zhu, yz103@rice.edu


  • First Year Representative (1)
    • Attends officers meetings
    • Facilitates communication between first-year students and the CHBE-GSA
    • Selected among first-year students


  • Faculty advisor (1)
    • Give advice and guidance to the organization
    • Provide consistency by facilitating officer transition


Walter Chapman